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Get to know Priyam Chatterjee

Meet the chef

Priyam Chatterjee was born to a family where feasts and get togethers were a daily deal. His affair with cooking and the hospitality business has been a long one.

He has worked with many greats in the culinary world. Starting with Jean Claude Fugier from France who is Priyam's mentor; to Spanish chef Royo Matteo Grandi; chefs from Gueltero Marchesi; also the legendary Fauchon, Paris. Gault Millau reviews the food prepared by Priyam.

Priyam Chatterjee has always been deeply passionate about whatever he has taken a liking to doing. Cooking, for him is love nurtured and techniques mastered.

The man is an artist, passionately in love with the food he creates.

Bon appétit!