Wine goes beyond being a mere beverage. It carries with it a lot of history, a sense of place and above all, evokes emotions. That emotion of a childhood play, of an old romance or of the winter bonfire! Get your emotions out through doodles, colors, poetry and clay. Come solo or get your friends along.

2 friends – Prateek Arora, co-founder and sommelier at Qla, and Ritu Shree, an expressive arts therapist, come together to spin you some vino laced magic with ways to express and interact, which we otherwise take for granted or simply don’t pay attention to,due to our phones. Get ready to be creative, socialize and simply play while you learn about wine nuances!

NONE. Just some love for wine and letting your inner child go nuts!

4th April, Wednesday

8 PM onwards

2500 per head; limited seats.
The above price is inclusive of wine tasting, finger food, stationery and art supplies that will be provided at the venue. Confirmed seats guaranteed only on pre-booking/advance payment by using the link.

Payment terms:
- Qla serves fine, international food in the restaurant premises. All attendees can avail a special complimentary dessert should they choose to dine at the restaurant post the event.
- Any adjustments around the taxes and service charge shall be duly made on the day of the event.

Let’s wine, dine and reflect .. in vino veritas!

Reserve your Memories in Advance